For over 20 years, Affinity’s consultants have worked tirelessly with legal organizations to help them find better ways of working. With unmatched legal experience, Affinity Consulting Group is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with the kind of insight and expert guidance they need to build thriving law practices and legal departments. Our value lies in our diversity of skill, our deep industry expertise, and our holistic approach, combined with a vast network of partners and resources. Far more than just a technology solution provider, Affinity Consulting Group helps legal firms and departments—both large and small—optimize every aspect of their organizations. We save you time, we save you money, and we help set the stage for your long-term success.

Awesome and inspiring…

I attended my first [Affinity] Bootcamp shortly after the Firm purchased CaseAware – it was awesome and inspiring. I knew after the first class that I wanted Affinity to help build our sequences so we would do it right the first time. We recently had Erica on site to assess our CaseAware “big picture”. What a great experience—we were glad to know we were doing many things right, but even happier to end up with a list of ways to improve our efficiency!
Lynn A. Carlson
Petosa Law LLP

What a delight!

I realized the other day that it was about a year ago that I attended the amazing CLE that you presented at the NCBA annual meeting in Wilmington. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you SO MUCH for passing along so many helpful tools to get and stay organized. I am happy to report that, 12 months later, I have managed to incorporate many of your suggestions into my daily and weekly routines. As a result, I am much better organized, productive and happier!  Declaring email bankruptcy felt incredible, and I’ve kept up with inbox zero ever since. What a delight!
Christine Mazzone
General Counsel, Plant Health Care, Inc.

Great program!

This is about the fifth or sixth different MS Word program that I have participated in since this member benefit began. This Affinity Consulting arrangement (with associated programs) for the benefit of members is the greatest member benefit the [Colorado Bar Association] has initiated since I joined the bar association in 1973! And the MS Word programs are the greatest and most essential skill maintenance/update training for lawyers and staff.
Frank Hill
Frank T. Hill, Attorney at Law

Affinity provides honest advice and assessments.

Affinity provides honest advice and assessments of prospective software programs. The “sales” effort is secondary to helping you find the right fit that works for your team.
Laureen Naidu
A&W Food Services of Canada Inc.

Affinity was there for us!

Affinity was there for us every step of the way during our document management program transition!
Nic Mossor
Bailey & Glasser LLP

We love Affinity Consulting.

We love Affinity Consulting. They have helped us immeasurably by developing customized software that has increased our productivity and ability to serve our clients needs. Their team members are always knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
Christopher Borg
Starr Associates LLP

Thank you!

The technology we use is vital for navigating the litigation process as smoothly as possible. Thank you!
Barbara Thorn
Wood & Wood Law PA

Responsive and focused.

The Affinity team is responsive and focused, providing swift and relevant feedback when we reach out to them. They address queries posed to them with clear demos. Added to this, they respond in a down-to-earth, we’ve got your back way, that reassures us that we’re working with the right team!
Catherine Lorandos
Glinton Sweeting O’Brien

Great resource!

The Affinity team has proven to be a great resource and advocate for our firm and we look forward to our continued partnership.
Jeremy Lipford
Korde & Associates, PC

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