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Clients may think that everything happening behind the scenes is a magical process that just churns out results. We know that’s not true. But, how DO we do what we do? It’s an important, but daunting, question. When it comes to mapping out the processes we follow, we know we should write things down, but the task seems much too large of an undertaking. This session will focus on the importance of creating process documentation and share some practical tools and techniques to get your processes documented in a manageable way.

Why you should attend?
– Explore how to document processes for your teams and keep them current
– Focus on the value of knowing how you do what you do
– Discover ways to continuously improve while ensuring client delight and improving your bottom line

Processing mapping is critical for all law firms and legal departments to manage growth, to scale operations and to prepare for evolving client demands. Join Affinity Partner, Jeffrey S. Krause, for this not-to-miss “How To” session. Because, we all know…magic doesn’t just happen!

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