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Anyone with even a passing interest in baseball knows it’s a game of statistics. There are stats for everything. Yet, traditional baseball managers and scouts often relied on only a few statistics in combination with hunches and “gut” feelings when evaluating players. Too often, legal professionals try to achieve success the same way.

In sports, it’s easy to know who’s winning and who’s losing – just look at the scoreboard. Running a law firm isn’t all that different. A few simple numbers can show legal professionals everything they need to know about the health of their practice. Join Affinity Partner, Jeff Krause, for this 45-minute session and learn to use data to drive your decisions, which stats to measure and how to effectively apply the changes you need.

Highlights include:
• What Lawyers Can Learn from Baseball Geeks
• Profit Formula and Measuring Profitability
• Grading Your Clients
• Little Changes, Big Results

Moneyball Management can be your firm’s game-changer!

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