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Informative and Entertaining White Papers

From ctrl ALT del 2019 Conference!

Adoption & Change Management
David Cambria
Baker McKenzie

Security & Privacy
Dennis Garcia

Design Thinking Process
Andy Peterson
Design Build Legal

New Legal Services Delivery
Zach Abramowitz

White Papers authored by the distinguished Robert Blacksberg, Blacksberg Associates

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“Badges with name only, that was refreshing.”
“Very issue-oriented, peer-level conversation. Time and money well spent.”
“ALT allowed for the great cross-pollination of ideas in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere.”
“Every other conference seems to stretch out, largely to accommodate the needs of exhibitors. ALT mitigates that need; the model is different, more efficient.”
“In line with its organizers’ philosophy, the ctrlALTdel Conference was uniquely different in that every registrant spoke and added to the conversation.”
“The conference was more intimate and allowed for deeper, thought-provoking discussions.”
“Great emphasis on dialogue and time to meet and get to know fellow attendees/sponsors.”
“The conference was a great mix of networking and learning sessions.”
“The small size and the venue, with everyone staying onsite, meant you met people in formal and casual settings multiple times. It created more opportunities for in-depth conversations.”
“Everyone came and participated as equals.”
“This was my first tech conference (I am a practicing attorney) and it was far more engaging and interesting than I had expected it would be.”
“Loved that there was no preferential treatment between members and vendors. Also, loved the workshop interaction and culture.”
“The ability to have deeper conversations during sessions was fantastic.”
“The workshops were fundamental in helping me truly grasp Design Thinking.”
“The focus on networking – longer breaks, meals together without entertainment, etc. – was fantastic!”
“I like the tightly focused agenda and schedule. Enjoyed the evening events.”
“Loved the fact that badges didn’t include titles or companies. A stroke of genius!”
“Really enjoyed the participation of business strategy partners alongside attorneys, clients, firm leaders and technologists.”
“Very much liked that our name tags were name only.”
“Definitely got the thought juices flowing!”
“I thought it was great to see a diverse group of professionals all work together collaboratively and consistently throughout the conference to solve problems without trying to sell themselves.”
“It felt genuine and everyone seemed to be committed to meeting new people and hearing about their ideas.”
“Enjoyed meeting new people with exciting new ideas relative to the future.”
“The format of the ALT conference is best suited for collaborative ideas exchange and peer networking.”
“Intimate nature, not so overblown that meaningful connections were difficult.”
“The overall atmosphere was open and inviting for participation.”
“I liked the fact that vendors and members were not segregated.”
“Refreshing mix of attendees and “mixing up” of attendees (having us move tables mid-session, e.g.).”
“Loved the intimate collaboration with vendors and law firms.”
“I liked that it was a fresh way for absorbing information. I like that it was very participatory.”
“Continue to connect people with problems and grow beyond an annual event. You have something special developing.”
“The material presented was strategic in nature, not summary checklists of past projects.”
“I felt this conference gave me a lot of growth in personal development.”
“Our post conference experience so far is fantastic! The clients we met (and other vendors with whom we wanted to have a relationship) are scheduling meetings and being so helpful.”
“This is really special.”

“I’ve been to hundreds of legal conferences over the years, and ALT is unique. No other event focuses so completely on facilitating interactions between all attendees, no matter where they sit in the ecosystem. People at all levels from law firms, corporate law departments, technology providers and alternative service providers interact seamlessly. The keynotes and workshops were excellent, but the real value was in the dozens of discussions that take place throughout the event. Some pundits have recently referred to legal tech as an “echo chamber” but ALT is the exact opposite. There is an energy here that feels like something that’s worth being part of.”

Brad Blickstein, Blickstein Group

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